Tampere KV / INT SHOW 1.5.22 judge: Sabine Rauhut (tibetan spaniels) Jakub Kruzcek (group 9 puppies) Pekka Teini (BIS-puppies)

Sunnuntaipäivän, Tampereen kansainvälisen näyttely päätti werrattoman wappumme Tampereella upein tuloksin!

  • Tashi-Gong Lavender ow. Katri Aallonranta: BOB PUPPY, BIG #1 PUPPY, BIS #2 PUPPY
  • Bowcara Casablanca: OPEN EXC1, CQ, BEST MALE #3, CAC
  • CH Tashi-Gong Promise: CH EXC1, CQ, BEST FEMALE #1, CACIB
  • CH Tashi-Gong Star of Mine: CH EXC1, CQ, BEST FEMALE #2, res-CACIB
  • LT JW-21, Eur JW-21 Tashi-Gong Venus: INT EXC1, CQ, BEST FEMALE #3 (according the regulations our new show regulations, she couldn’t take CAC because she needs to wait until she is 24 months old to finish her title of CH)

And finally with tears and already missing her wonderful boy, Carol had to say goodbye to ”Dixie” who is now part of our team and needed to start his way back home to Kuopio. We are very thankful for Carol Davies to get this opportunity to have him here, he is not only a handsome boy, but also has a super lovely pedigree and has best temperament ever! THANK YOU Carol, you will see lot of photos of him and we will keep you posted about his new life here.



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