Kuvia | Photographs

Tashi-Gong Voodoo ”Max”
Sommerlyst´s Pa-Tu-Ca
Sommerlyst´s Pa-Tu-Ca
Tashi-Gong Heart of Mine
Tashi-Gong Mamma Mia
Tashi-Gong Voodoo ”Max”
Tashi-Gong Starlet 2019
Tashi-Gong Starlet & Starprint, 2019
Tashi-Gong D Beckham
Kaimon Gerheil Beautiful Belana & Playpoint Tic Tac Toe
Two of our new familymembers in 2019 🙂
Tashi-Gong Mamma Mia
Playpoint Deep Euphoria 10 months
Tibetan paws
Sommerlyst´s Ba-Tu-Ca ”Elisa”
Beautiful family photo of three generations
INT CH, Finland´s top winning tibbies:
Multi CH, Multi W Tashi-Gong Eminem &
Multi CH, Multi W Tashi-Gong Essence in 2017
Ava & Selina in child & dog -competition
Tashi-Gong Mastermind with his tibetan friend
Ava with our Norwegian import: Wildside´s Zhakana
Matilda and beautiful colours of fall
Typical Tashi-Gong puppy at age of 8 weeks
Snowdancers Mini and Mella in 2015
Tashi-Gong Heart of Mine
Grandmum ”Lila” – CH Bio-Bios Highlight for Tashi-Gong
having some muddy fun in the spring 2014
CAC-WINNER Tashi-Gong Heart of Mine
INT & FI & EE CH Bio-Bios Highlight for Tashi-Gong
Ava and four members of our hometeam in 2016:
from left: Mila, Pippa, Ruusu and Fiina
ooooh…..we do have cats too!
Ava and our Danish import puppy:
Sommerlyst´I-Co-Legs Diki
Our son Roope and still so young Tuuling Zhan Zayenne who was BOB-puppy and CH Bio-Bio-Highligh for Tashi-Gong BOB & GROUP #2 at Vaasa int show